Jason does it again – Jason Bakery in Green Point, reviewed

Bread king Jason Lilley has added another restaurant to the Jason Bakery family with Jason Bakery Green Point. Much like its older sibling in Bree Street, it serves up artisan bread, pastries and a selection of plated meals. What differs in the Green Point shop is that it is predominantly a restaurant, with most patrons sitting down for a meal unlike with the hatch-service on-the-go store in Bree Street. Eat Out critic Zola Nene takes one for the team, and braves the crowds.

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Fast facts

Cost: R65 – R75
Best for: Breakfast and lunch, an ideal working lunch spot.
Parking: It’s best to park across the street in the public Green Point parking
Star ratings: Food: 5; Service: 4; Ambience: 4

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The menu is divided into sections according to the times served. In the morning, look forward to breakfasts such as the spinach-spiked green pancakes; the deliciously creamy mushroom ragout or the fragrantly spiced shakshuka. For mid-morning cravings, indulge in the selection of sandwiches, all served on your choice of homemade Bree Street sourdough, ciabatta or 66% sourdough rye.

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The afternoon lunch menu has a selection of interesting salads and health bowls to choose from, as well as the homemade pie du jour served with a crisp side salad. Breads, pastries, tarts and sweets are served all day.

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End the meal off with the dark chocolate brownie with chunky nuggets of white chocolate, or a perfectly creamy and crispy pasteis de nata.

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Choose from a selection of teas, including a few fruit and herbal infusions. Order your coffee how you like it but remember the golden rule – no cappuccinos. (Jason serves only flat whites.) There are dairy-free alternatives available for those with allergies. There is also a selection of on-trend matcha, turmeric and beetroot lattes on offer as well as a selection of iced coffees and juices, including a local hand-pressed grape juice.

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The open-plan kitchen is a great feature in the restaurant and allows you to watch the masterful bakers at work. The high ceilings and modern light fixtures gives the space a loft-like feel with plenty of seating available indoors, in addition to some outdoor seating. There’s more seating space than the Bree Street branch, so it feels more inviting for a sit-down meal. Saturday morning queues are long, so go during the week if you’ve got your heart set on dining here.

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Service is quick and attentive. Everyone is young, friendly and knowledgeable of all the menu items.

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There are plans to open the restaurant in the evening for a few nights a week once the liquor license is finalised. Most exciting of all: there is also talk of eventually trading on Sundays as well.

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