Partner content: Why this African salt is loved by top chefs

In July 2000, single mom entrepreneur Samantha Skyring took a 120km walk through the Namib desert. It’s here where she had close encounters with the oryx gazelle and later discovered the pure unrefined desert salt from the Kalahari – they became the inspiration for the Oryx Desert Salt brand.

Oryx Desert Salt is unrefined and unprocessed – a 100% pure, crystal white natural desert salt. The ancient source and sun-dried method creates an exceptional taste that is gentle yet full of flavor – that’s why it’s endorsed and loved by many top chefs. In food, it enhances and enriches flavours.

The salt is harvested from a salt pan in the remote pristine Kalahari desert. Beneath the pan lies an ancient underground brine lake. The salt water – filled with essential minerals and trace elements from the earth, as balanced by nature over millions of years – is drawn up and sun-dried in a harmonious process with the natural rainfall and the surrounding environment.

Being locally and sustainably produced is a foundational value for Oryx Desert Salt. Their motto is ‘Refill, Reuse, Real Value’. Recyclable glass bottles and long-lasting ceramic grinder heads ensure they can be refilled several times. Refill boxes are available across the range.

Oryx Desert Salt believes in giving back. A monthly donation based on sales is given to the Khomani San & Mier communities in the Kalahari. Buy yours online now.

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