Partner content: Deliver hygiene, serve taste with Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces

Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces are by your side giving your diners the hygiene they expect without compromising on taste.

There are new consumer expectations when it comes to hygiene according to a recent Streetbees Report*. To ease diners’ concerns, restaurants are expected to make visible improvements to how food is served. Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces offer the perfect amount of your diners’ favourite condiment. Whether it’s on the table or at home, its tamper-proof assurance gives diners peace of mind and a safe delicious dip every time. Available in three delicious flavours: Reduced Oil Mayonnaise, Sweet Chilli and Hot Dipping Sauce.

Hellmanns Dipping Sauces

Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces offer the following benefits:

  • Delicious flavours from the world’s no. 1 mayonnaise brand,**
  • ready to serve – no decanting required,
  • hygienically sealed with tamper-proof assurance,
  • easy to peel open,
  • takeaway ready and spill-proof in delivery,
  • heat stable for delivery and takeaway,
  • vegan friendly, and
  • halaal.

Whether in your deli, on the table in your restaurant, with your deliveries or for your guests – diners still want to enjoy their favourite sauces with their meals. Give them a uniquely safe and hygienic experience, wherever they enjoy your dishes. Ready to try Hellmann’s Dipping Sauces? Buy now, and be inspired to adapt your menu!

*Streetbees (2020). Eating Occasions Diner Tracker Insights, South Africa
**Euromonitor International Limited; Packaged Foods 2020 edition, retail value sales, umbrella brand name classification (includes all Hellmann’s and Best Foods brand sales) 2019 data.

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