McCain Foodservice Solutions Insiders Club to host insightful webinar for restaurant industry

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Over the last year and a half, the restaurant industry has been handed numerous blows as a result of COVID. From the mandatory shut down of restaurants to takeaways and delivery-only to alcohol bans, to early curfews, restaurateurs have had plenty of obstacles to navigate.

McCain Foodservice Solutions recognizes the hurdles that those in the industry have faced and have created an online platform called Insiders Club, which offers industry personnel access to the latest industry trends, business tips and resources from McCain Foodservice Solutions team. As this “new normal” continues to evolve, operators everywhere are looking for ways to build businesses that are smarter, more efficient, yet realistic for the long haul.

Insiders Club offers guidance and advice to drive profits with off-premise insights, new menu inspirations and some simple tips for restaurateurs.

On 30 August, The Insiders Club will host a webinar, where industry leaders will share insights, experiences and offer practical advice and the tools needed to rebuild a valuable industry. This webinar will be hosted by Maps Maponyane who is not only a much-loved media personality but also a restaurateur himself, with his restaurant chain being named as one of the best burger joints in the world. Eat Out’s Head of Content, Tessa Purdon, will join Maps on the panel, along with Catharina Bester, Marketing Manager at McCain Foods South Africa, Grace Harding, CEO of Ocean Basket, and Daniel Goldberg, CEO of Bridgement – a Fintech that offers simple finance to small businesses.

The webinar will take place on Monday the 30th of August at 10:00am-11:30am, and is open for registration via this link.

Our special guests:  

Grace Harding, CEO of Ocean Basket

Grace has more than 30 years of experience across several business disciplines and today runs Africa’s largest seafood franchise. Harding has a background in HR, marketing, people engagement and strategy. Her experience also spans leadership development and change management. She is also the spokesperson for The Restaurant Collective, an organisation dedicated to creating a unified voice for positive change in the sit-down restaurant industry in South Africa.

Tessa Purdon. Head Of Content: Eat Out and Food24

Tessa is the Head of Content at Eat Out and Food24, two publications with the biggest online food audience. She has been in food media for 9 years and has a passion for learning, meeting new people and telling meaningful stories through the lens of food. 

Daniel Goldberg, Co-founder of Bridgement

Daniel Goldberg is the founder of Bridgement, a Fintech that offers simple finance to small businesses across South Africa. Founded in 2016 and launched in 2018, it offers short-term loans with a seamless online experience, enabling its customers to take on bigger projects and bridge cash flow gaps.

Catharina Bester, Marketing Manager: McCain Foods South Africa

catharina bester

Catharina is an experienced Marketing Manager who currently heads up marketing for McCain’s Food Services and Retail divisions. With a passion for insights-driven marketing, she strongly believes in operational and execution excellence and is driven to push boundaries to keep brands relevant in an ever-changing environment.

Maps Maponyane

Maps is a television presenter, actor, fashion designer, speaker, model, creative consultant, voice-over artist, philanthropist, business entrepreneur and restaurateur. Maps is the proud owner of Buns Out, which has been named as one of the best burger joints in the world. Maps has felt the effect of lockdown on his restaurant business first hand and at a point, had no option but to close his eatery indefinitely. However, through perseverance, determination, and finding creative solutions, he managed to not only reopen his first eatery, but also launch two new ones by April 2021.  


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