Partner content: Have as much wine as you want and get home safely

A glass of bubbly with that high tea you saved up for. That medium-rare fillet paired with a rich ruby merlot. An ice-cold glass of chenin while waiting for your thin-base pizza.

All these great moments are why we have the Eat Out Wine Club – to guide you as you pair the perfect wine with gastronomic glory. But with it comes great responsibility.

South Africa has some of the worst road traffic injury statistics in the world. An alarming number of people are killed and injured on South African roads every year, with close to 65% of all incidents involving alcohol. Correcting this shocking statistic starts with being informed.

So, how much can you drink before it becomes unwise (and illegal) to drive?

In South Africa, the legal limit is a breath alcohol content of 0.24mg per 1 000ml, or a blood alcohol limit of 0.05g per 100ml. So, based on an adult weighing 68kg, the rule of thumb is a maximum of one unit of alcohol per hour, which constitutes 10ml of pure alcohol.

In actual drink terms:

  • Two-thirds of a beer or spirit cooler with 5% alcohol content.
  • 75ml of red or white wine with an alcohol content of 12% to 14%.
  • One 25ml tot of whisky, gin, vodka or brandy.

If that’s too specific, there’s the basic guideline that two drinks in an hour will put you over the legal limit. With authorities rightfully clamping down heavily on drink driving, though, the best rule of thumb is not to drive at all if you’re uncertain.

That’s why we’ve hooked you up with 1 For The Road, a driving service with friendly drivers who will take you home safely in the comfort of your own car. That means being a member of the Eat Out Wine Club takes the hassle and risk out of wine-buying, while also qualifying you for an exclusive rate from 1 For The Road.

Car with driver
Instead of paying R99 to R677 a month, Food24 Wine Club members will get this service for just R49 a month. Take advantage of this exclusive offer now.

Additionally, as part of our wine club launch campaign, the first 100 people to sign up will also get an earth-friendly wine carrier made from recycled material filled with two bottles of wine, one of which is the Hussar Grill red wine, all of which is valued at R350. Plus you’ll get a bonus R200 voucher to spend at any Hussar Grill. Click here to sign up or here for more information.

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