We want plates: 25 of the worst serving decisions in history

We want plates slateTapas in teacups; oozing, deconstructed desserts on slate tiles; sidedishes trapped in awkward receptacles – the public has had enough! Calls are being made on social media to bring back the humble, purpose-built ceramic. We want plates!

Covering everything from trends that need to be retired (dank burger board, anyone?) to props that have no place on a table (yes, even swords), Twitter account @wewantplates is on the “crusade against serving food on bits of wood and roof slates, jam-jar drinks and chips in mugs”. We categorised some of the worst dining disasters.

Disaster 1: The rules of gravity, as evidenced when planks, boards and similar flat-crockery shams and liquid meet. Cue meltdown.

Oh FFS… @WeWantPlates




Disaster 2: Using glass to hold (hot) solids instead of liquids.





Disaster 3: Bringing nature and the outdoors not just indoors but onto your table and in contact with your food for no sane or valuable reason.





Disaster 4: When fashion and food collide, making fashion victims of us all.


Disaster 5: The practice of insane, unappetising and quite frankly dangerous household upcycling.

It’s now also possible to spend unnecessary money to recreate this awkwardness for your friends and family at home:

Experienced your own unruly restaurant utensils? Share your stories with us on Twitter @Eat_Out. In fact, we think British comedy writer and actor John Finnimore sums it up pretty well: Put it on a plate!


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