Partner content: Why your restaurant’s point-of-sale set up should include mobile POS

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar restaurant, take-out joint, trendy pop-up, food truck or any other kind of food retailer, having the right payment solution means that you can accept payment quickly and efficiently – wherever you are. Mobile POS solutions can complement your traditional POS solution or work just as well as a stand-alone option.

What is mobile POS?

ZipZap mPOS works on your smart phone or tablet – the free app links to a separate secure card reader and you can have several devices linked to one bank account. This means that you can take card payments anywhere, any time. ZipZap is also the cheapest mPOS on the market. There are no monthly rental charges and you only pay 2.75% when patrons swipe. Here’s what many ZipZap users have to say about the product.


What’s the value of having a mobile POS back-up?

A mobile POS solution provides back up to your traditional POS solution when you want to bust the queue, if you need to trade during a power failure, and when you’re not trading in your usual spot, like at a market or pop-up event.

Can traditional and mobile POS work together?

Absolutely! Paycorp’s range of traditional desktop, portable and mobile devices all work hand in hand, and can be connected to one central account. All Paycorp POS terminals allow patrons to add a tip, are quick and easy to install, and offer affordable rates and fast processing.


What about using a payment app instead of a card reader?

There’s no denying that payment apps are fast becoming a popular choice for restauranteurs, but many customers are still wary about storing their credit card details on their phones. Many customers are more comfortable with either swiping their card or inserting their pin – and Paycorp offers a variety of options for you to achieve this.

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Why not download the ZipZap brochure for more information? Or, if you’re sold on ZipZap mPOS, complete the simple online application form and a ZipZap consultant will be in touch to help you complete the process.

Otherwise, visit to answer all your other mPOS questions.

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