Review: Post, the coolest corner in Braamfontein

Post, on the corner of Juta and De Beer Street in Braamfontein, is always abuzz with devotees of its top-notch coffee, breakfasts and sandwiches – not to mention their cheesecakes in a jar. Marie-Lais Emond takes a closer look.


Whether you’re here for breakfast or lunch or an in-betweener, you’re sure to find something delicious on the Post menu. Items on the blackboard change every now and then and they serve breakfast all day. This might seem like a chummy place, but the food isn’t sloppy at all – the ingredients are responsibly sourced and of good quality, and each dish is practiced and professional.

When it comes to breakfasts, the toast and eggs are perfectly prepared and served; the same goes for the bacon. Indulge in the popular Post flapjacks with whole yoghurt, or go all out with the chocolate and Nutella flapjack. For something different, try the egg and brie crostini with Napoletana sauce.

As for lunch, the sandwiches come in generous portions and everything, including the couple of burgers and salads, shows evidence of extra care. Among them is a croque monsieur, with a touch of extra chicken along with the ham, and a fine salad of smoked salmon trout, chickpeas and onion.

Post. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Post. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

The cheescake in a jar is a sometime special and comes in a range of flavours, including a delicious chocolate version.


The coffee competition in Braamfontein is fierce, so standards are high here, too. If the nuances of decorated froths seem too subtle, just go for a double-shot Big Bomber with condensed milk. Their coffee, Tazza d’Oro, is also sold by the paper bag.

It’s not really a wine or beer place, but if bring it if you have to; there’s no corkage fee. Other beverages include a super homemade lemonade and a concoction of honey, ginger, lemon and mint.


They run a tight ship, but this is a help-yourself kind of gig. Go up to the busy counter, behind which the guys are doing their choreographed prep-and-cook routine, place your order, and the food and drinks come to you when they’re ready. You revisit the counter afterwards to pay.

Post. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Post. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.


It doesn’t get much cooler in Jozi than this corner of Juta with its ornate metal trees. Inside, despite all the glass and the tiles, it somehow managed to be cosy. There are four small tables inside, but the done thing is to sit on stools at the window counters and look out. There’s also a courtyard with two commodious tables for larger groups.The three owners are all architects, and it shows in the design of the venue. It never gets crazy loud, with music from vinyls on a 50s radiogram playing sounds like Springsteen and Kings of Leon. It’s a very busy spot, but feels relaxed.


You can take the goods away or have them delivered if you’re within a four-block radius.

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