Mashed-potato ice cream plays tricks with our minds

Have we reached the pinnacle of playing with our food? We think so: Tastemade Japan has astounded us with an Instagram video on how to make potato-salad ‘ice cream’.

Watch the video:

For what it’s worth, it looks pretty easy: cook and mash some potato, sprinkle in chopped ham, thinly sliced pickled cucumbers and red onions, then add a boiled egg and squeeze of mayonnaise to bind it all together. Season to taste and, using an ice-cream scoop, serve balls of it on a cone to your worst enemy. Optional: top it with what looks like cheese sauce. On second thought, veggie-averse kids might love it? (It reminds us of the mash served in a martini glass on We Want Plates.)

We have questions. Do you eat it hot or cold? Can everything on a cone be considered salad now? Would it be better or worse if it were smooth like actual ice cream? And, finally, would it be fine if we just ordered a Choc 99?

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