The man’s guide to steak and craft beer

With the rise of craft beer in South Africa (a beer-loving nation if there ever was one), many restaurants have jumped on the bandwagon and are now serving local artisan brews. Paired with a juicy steak from their menus, it’s a winning formula for Father’s Day on Sunday 16 June 2013. So, if your dad is a steak, chips and beer guy, take him out for a treat to one of these bistros, pubs and cafés across the country that do both great grills and craft beers.


Corner Café and Bistro
Sip on: Brewers & Union, Jack Black and Darling Brew Beers.
Chew on: a fillet steak with melanzane, burnt butter cream sauce and watercress and tomato salsa.

Cornuti Illovo
Sip on: Darling Brew beers, Jack Black Premium Lager, Citizen Alliance Ale and Cape Brewing Company beers.
Chew on: Fillet Balsamico, a prime beef fillet in a balsamic reduction with rocket and parmesan.

Eatery JHB
Sip on: Jack Black Premium Lager and beers from Darling Brew, Cockpit Brewhouse, Copperlake Breweries, Dam Wolf Brewery, Quills Brewery and Mitchell’s Brewery.
Chew on: Mature rump steak with onion butter.

The Foundry
Sip on: Beers from Jack Black, Mitchell’s, Darling Brew, Boston Breweries, Brewers & Union and the resident craft brewers.
Chew on: Char-grilled rump steak or sirloin salsa verde.

The Griffin
Sip on: Beers from Jack Black, Brewers & Union, Mitchell’s, Darling Brew, Three Sculls, Brauhaus and Am Dam.
Chew on: Fillet steak.

Il Giardino Degli Ulivi
Sip on: Brewers & Union and Darling Brew beers.
Chew on: Fillet steak with balsamic reduction.

The Leopard
Sip on: Darling Brewery and Mitchell’s Brewery beers.
Chew on: Rib-eye steak done in a teriyaki sauce.

Odd Café (Greenside)
Sip on: Beers from Darling Brewery, Brewers & Union, Lion Brewery and Craft Brewers.
Chew on: Mustard fillet or a cherry and blue cheese fillet.

Sip on: Jack Black beers.
Chew on: A steak sandwich with sirloin, marinated tomatoes, guacamole and onion rings.

Wolves Café
Sip on: Beers from Darling Brewery, Brewers & Union and Mitchell’s Brewery.
Chew on: Rump steak sandwich with mustard mayo, rocket and caramelised onion.


De Kloof
Sip on: Beers from Darling Brew, Boston Brewery, Brew Do, Brewers & Union, Touro Tripel Blonde and Lion Beers.
Chew on: Pan-grilled fillet of free-range organic grass-fed beef.

DK Gourmet Burger & Craft Beer Bar
Sip on: Beers from Boston Breweries, Darling Brew, Brewers & Union and Citizen.
Chew on: Fillet of beef on bruschetta.

The Harlequin
Sip on: Beers from Mitchell’s, Boston Breweries, Brew Dog and Brewers & Union. Chew on: a T-bone, rump or fillet steak.


Bellevue Café
Sip on: Jack Black Premium Lager, Brewers & Union beers and African Pale Ale by The Standeaven Brewery.
Chew on: Fillet of beef done to your liking.

Craft Trattoria  
Sip on: Beers from Brewers & Union, Boston Breweries, Darling Brew, The Standeaven Brewery and Jack Black.
Chew on: Fillet or rump steak topped with mushroom cream.

Steak and Ale (Umhlanga)
Sip on: Erdinger Private Brewery and Badger Beers.
Chew on: Fillet or rump steak.

Stretta Cucina
Sip on: Naked Mexican, Whale Tale Ale, Boston Lager, Jack Black, Bohemian Pilsner and Standeaven African Pale Ale.
Chew on: Grilled fillet done to your liking.

Unity Brasserie
Sip on: Cowbell Premium Craft Pilsner and beers from Mitchell’s Brewery, Brewers &Union, Boston Breweries, Triggerfish Brewery, Old Main Brewery, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company and Darling Brew.
Chew on: Char-grilled sirloin or rump steaks.

Cape Town

Banana Jam Café
Sip on: Jack Black beers, CBC Pilsner, Valley Belgian Gold Brown Ale, Johnny Gold and Van Hunks by Boston Breweries, Devil’s Peak beers, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Citizen Alliance Ale, Rogue, Hazelnut Brown Ale and Brew Dog Hardcore IPA.
Chew on: Steak roti with grilled rump steak, roasted peppers and fried aubergine.

Beleza Restaurant
Sip on: Boston Breweries beers.
Chew on: Portuguese steak topped with red wine sauce and egg, or an Italian steak topped with mozzarella and Parma ham.

Café Chameleon
Sip on: Birkenhead beers.
Chew on: Fillet and sirloin steak with gourmet toppings or sauces.

El Burro
Sip on: Citizen Beer: Alliance draught; Brewers & Union: Unfiltered Lager and Dark Lager, Steph Weiss, Berne, Beast of the Deep, Versus Goliath, Touro Blonde; Devil’s peak: King’s Blockhouse IPA, Amber Ale; Darling Brew: Slow Brew Lager, Bone Crusher; Boston Breweries: Naked Mexican.
Chew on: Traditional Mexican-style sirloin and rib-eye steaks.

The Foodbarn
Sip on: Boston Breweries beers.
Chew on: Grass-fed Botswana beef rump.

Societi Bistro
Sip on: Boston Breweries beers.
Chew on: 300g sirloin steak with béarnaise, mustard or mushroom and brandy sauce.

Van Hunks
Sip on: Devil’s Peak Brewery beers.
Chew on: Matured A-grade rump steak.

Wijnhuis Restaurant
Sip on: Darling Brew and Birkenhead beers.
Chew on: Sirloin or fillet steaks.


5 Ryneveld
Sip on: Brewers & Union beers.
Chew on: A range of steaks, including T-bone, sirloin, springbok and ostrich fillet.

Après Bistro
Sip on: Jack Black Premium Lager, Boston Brewery beers, Johnny Gold, Van Hunks and Naked Mexican.
Chew on: Fillet or rump steak.

Spice Route
Sip on: Cape Brewing Company (CBC) Pilsner, Lager, Krystal Weiss, Amber Weiss and Devil Lager.
Chew on: Malabar braised springbok rump potjie.

Wijnhuis Restaurant
Sip on: Darling Brew and Birkenhead beers.
Chew on: Sirloin or fillet steak.


La Vierge Restaurant
Sip on: Birkenhead beers.
Chew on: Fire-grilled rib-eye steak.

By Kelly Pluke

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Please note that while we take care to report information accurately, some menu items may change without our knowledge.

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