Tips on how to review a restaurant

Is there a formula to judge a restaurant?

For me it’s totally based on the following questions:

*Will I come back?
*Do I love it?
*Is it the best I have tasted?
*What was the service like?
*How much did it cost?

The first impression should make a difference. From the way your booking is taken over the phone to the way you are greeted at the parking area or door and, importantly, the way you are treated at the end of the evening.

The food is the most important, then the décor – being the ambience, mood and spirit of the place – then the service and the rest of the dining experience.

When it comes to the food, freshness and quality of ingredients is important, as well as how the food is prepared.

When top reviewers judge a restaurant, major factors are consistency and passion. Look at the menu selection. Is it well balanced? Is there something for everyone to eat? You should feel treated and made to feel special and comfortable.

Look at authenticity. For example, if you are eating a laksa, make sure it is not a red curry paste. Look out for a well-priced and well-balanced wine list. It is always interesting to have a visit to the loo, is there loo paper? Are there flowers? And most of all, is it clean!

Give it a try!

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