Wooden food: Can you spot the sculpture?

A photo posted by Seiji Kawasaki (@sawsnht) on

Next time you feel smug about your culinary work of art – a beautiful raviolo, sky-high sandwich, or flawlessly iced cupcake – remember that there’s a guy who carves perfectly realistic wooden food.


A photo posted by Seiji Kawasaki (@sawsnht) on


We spotted the work of sculptor Seiji Kawasaki on Colossal, who showcased his incredible chopstick stand that resembles a lifelike minnow.

A photo posted by Seiji Kawasaki (@sawsnht) on

The Japanese artist has also carved out a perfect piece of toast, a croissant, Japanese ginger, and a spear of asparagus that’s almost impossible to tell apart from its real fleshy counterparts.


A photo posted by Seiji Kawasaki (@sawsnht) on


He’s not the only one who makes food sculptures, though. Cape Town’s Culture Club Cheese in Bree Street has a display of palatable-looking wheels of cheese only a few centimetres in diameter – but these are made from clay. They’re so realistic that people keep trying to eat them, necessitating a sign asking them nicely not to. They were crafted by real-life cheesemaker Dylan Stanfield, who’s based in Washington, USA.

For more amazing examples of Seiji’s sculpting talent, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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