Butternut soup

This recipe is the creation of Jackie Cameron of Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine, which opened in Hilton, KZN, in 2015. Here's a taste of Jackie's inspiring cuisine from the chef's recipe book: a butternut soup with a ball of pear ice cream.

Serves: 4 people


1 1/2 kg peeled and chopped butternut
50 ml olive oil
salt and pepper
2 1/2 litres vegetable stock or water
4 410g pear halves in syrup, drained
1 cup pear syrup from the cans
65ml cream
3 egg yolks
2 teaspoons castor sugar
2 teaspoons liquid glucose


Place butternut, olive oil, salt and pepper on a large tray and into a hot oven of 180 degrees C. Roast until the edges of the butternut are slightly charred and the butternut is well cooked.

Liquidise with half of the liquid and strain through a sieve. Heat the soup and add extra liquid if needed to get to the desired consistency. Season well.

To make the ice cream:
Liquidise the pear halves with 1 cup syrup. heat this pear mixture and the cream to boiling point. Meanwhile, whisk the egg yolks, sugar and glucose. Add the warm cream mixture to the egg mixture and mix. Churn in an ice cream mashine, or place in the freezer and whisk every 30 minutes until frozen for a light and fluffy ice cream.

To serve:
Place a portion of hot butternut soup in a bowl and top with a generous ball of ice cream. Sprinkle with toasted pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of curry oil. Serve with crispy white bread or health bread.

Recipe courtesy of Jackie Cameron Cooks at Home, published by Penguin South Africa.

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