Iced matcha latte

This refreshing matcha recipe from Kurobuta chef Scott Hallsworth's book, Junk Food Japan, will quench your green tea cravings this summer.

Serves: 2


2 teaspoons matcha powder
a pinch of sea salt
250ml soy milk
90ml sugar syrup (you can buy this fairly easily, otherwise dissolve 50g caster sugar in 125ml boiling water)
ice cubes, to serve


Whisk the matcha, salt and 80ml of water together vigorously – make sure there are no lumps! Whisk in the soy milk and sugar syrup, and chill well before serving. Serve over some ice.
Note: It could well be the basis of a boozy cocktail – try adding vanilla vodka and/or chocolate liqueur (you can work out the magical quantities).

Junk Food Japan: © Scott Hallsworth, 2017. Photography © David Loftus, 2017

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