5 minute chocolate mousse with Earl Grey tea

This is a very interesting and decadent chocolate dessert that firms up to a ganache consistency. Once set, you could scoop out balls and roll these into chocolate truffles.

Serves: 4 - 6


270g 70% cocoa solids dark chocolate, broken into pieces
250ml (1 cup) strongly brewed Earl Grey tea
4 T sugar
300ml whipped cream
1/2 cup roughly chopped roasted hazelnuts
Optional: 1 – 2 T orange liqueur/brandy


Brew just over a cup of Ear Grey tea after boiling your Breville Kettle at 100C. Allow to steep for 5 minutes.

Place the tea, chocolate and sugar into a double boiler and gently heat until the sugar is dissolved.

Remove from the heat and place the bowl with the chocolate mixture directly on top of a bigger bowl of ice.

Using the whisk attachment on the control grip blender, whisk the chocolate mixture on a medium speed continuously until it starts to thicken. This will take between 3 – 5 minutes. As its starts thickening, stir through ¾ of the nuts and liqueur if you are adding. Scoop the mix into either individual serving dishes or one larger dish. Place in the fridge to further firm up.

Decorate with the whipped cream and remaining nuts.

Recipe by Breville.

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