Jelly boats

These kids' treats are playful, sweet and super easy. Find more recipes like this in the Mealtimes Made Fun cookbook by Debbie Wareham and Kim Jurgens.

Serves: Serves 8


2 halved oranges
1 x 80g packet instant raspberry jelly
1 x 80g packet instant lime jelly
1 sheet colour paper, cut into triangles to resemble flags
8 toothpicks with the sharp ends snipped off


Using a spoon, carefully scoop out the orange flesh without breaking the peel.
Make the jelly according to the packet instructions.
Pour the raspberry jelly into two orange-skin halves and pour the lime jelly into the remaining orange-skin halves.
Place the orange halves on a baking tray and refrigerate until set.
Glue a paper triangle to each toothpick to make a sail. Remove the oranges from the fridge and cut them in half again (forming quarters).
Insert a ‘sail’ into the jelly of each orange quarter to make a small sailboat.

Extracted from Mealtimes Made Fun by Debbie Wareham and Kim Jurgens (Struik Lifestyle).

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