Salmon burgers with crispy dressed greens

These salmon burgers have a zingy Asian flavour and are delicious with the contrasting toasted buns and crunchy greens. To make wasabi-flavoured mayonnaise, simply add about two teaspoons of wasabi paste – depending how hot you like it, to eight tablespoons of your favourite mayonnaise.

Serves: 4


500g fresh salmon, skin removed and pin-boned
2 – 3 spring onions
1T lemon juice
1T mayonnaise
1t Dijon mustard
1t wasabi paste
Small bunch coriander (leaves and stalks)
1t fish sauce
2T panko or white bread crumbs
1 cups of finely shredded cabbage (red or white)
½ a cucumber cut into ribbons
Fresh rocket leaves
Fresh coriander
2T lemon juice
2T lime juice
2T rice vinegar
1t sugar
4 ciabatta rolls, buttered
Lime wedges to spritz and garnish
8T wasabi mayo to spread


To make the burgers, place a third of the salmon plus all the other burger ingredients in the Breville control grip with chopper attachment and blend until you have a thick paste.

Finely cop of the remainder of the salmon into very small dice and mix this with the paste.

Dampen your hands and mould the salmon mix into 3 patties. Place on a lined tray, cover and refrigerate until firm. This can be made in advance.

Mix the dressing ingredients until the sugar has dissolved and toss the greens through this.

Heat the Breville Grill to sandwich and toast the buns on the cut side until golden brown. Set aside.

Turn the grill to Sear, and when ready, place the burgers on the grill adjusting the lid to rest gently down on them without squashing them. Cook for 4- 5 minutes until firm (4 minutes slightly rare, 5 minutes cooked through) * tip – you may want to flip them toward the end of the cooking time if the top side is not brown enough.

To assemble the burgers, spread 2 tablespoons of wasabi mayonnaise on the toasted roll base, and then layer with cucumber ribbons, the salmon burgers and the remaining dressed greens. Serve open with the top bun on the side.

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