Blos Café

Sunday, February 14th, 2016

Reviewed by Karin van Eck

This restaurant has a variety of seating options. First we had breakfast inside close to the bar area. It was cozy and very inviting. The breakfaat menu had many delicious options. It was so nice we went back for lunch a couple of days later. We booked and were seated on the deck. Outside it was very quiet although there were a couple of other patrons already. We got the impression that we should be whispering. We ordered the T-bone. That was definitely the wrong choice. The pumpkin fritter ordered on the side was tasteless and very dense. We realised that we should have all ordered one of the sandwiches as that was very nice! Service was fine althouht we realised after ordering that there were specials for the day, the waitor could have indicated this.
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