Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Reviewed by Ashona Singh

Florida Road is renowned for boasting some of the best restaurants in of our beachtastic Durban. After a dismal lunch with an unforgivably unapproachable manager Europa has won the award for being a true failure and disgrace to service orientated establishments. Europa is a franchised restaurant of which not all are run so poorly. I thought after my weekend experience at La Lucia mall I would be guaranteed of great service and delicious food for lunch. Boy was I wrong! Our waiter was fantastic, but a ship can only run smoothly if all components are supported and share the same goal. As a patron I have never felt so embarrassed and offended, I always felt that the people that choose to grace your restaurant should be treated with some respect as their patronage is vital to keeping your restaurant alive. I ordered a vegetable lasagne, vegetable wrap and pizza. The wrap was tasteless, haloumi chewy, dry and unexciting. The pizza was cold, Durban summers are so hot it is impossible for food to get that cold. Worst was the lasagne which I had to return because it was soggy and water logged, the menu details something rich and creamy, more like curdled and half hearted. I asked to speak to the manager, a female came. I attempted explaining the situation of the lasagne and why I had returned it, and the response I received was: "Well what more do you want I took it off the bill". I must look stupid, cheap and unexposed to receive such hostility. I was given an excuse that fresh veg are used in the lasagne which is why there must have been so much water. Is it only in this country that we accept mediocre as the new standard of excellence? Why then did the Chef, Owner and Manager take the pride to ensure that the meal that was leaving the kitchen was more appetising and restaurant quality. I mean Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay must cook with frozen veg because I was told I was eating fresh produce when I visited their establishments and never has my food looked or tasted like dish water. I was so appalled by the managers response that I left. This review is to warn future patrons and people coming from oversees. Please do not waste your good money at this restaurant, the La Lucia Mall which is 15 mins away has a Europa of a much better quality by way of food and staff. Also to the people of Durban I feel sad for you, I cannot believe that such a lowly ranked restaurant exists along our beautiful shores, you deserve better so ask for it. Places like this should not exist and thrive. There are far better places try Ebb and Flow at Gateway or Café Limone just down the road, I assure you your experience will be far more exciting.
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