This 100-layer cinnamon bun is our ultimate pull-apart pastry

The man behind the CronutTM (for which people still queue around the block) has unveiled his latest creation: a cinnamon spun roll. Dominque Ansel’s newest pastry is a mushroom-shaped bun made from one long thread of brioche pastry, threaded through a roller multiple times before being rolled into a spool, spread with cinnamon sugar butter and twice-baked in the oven, between a soaking in a spiced custard. The finished product is then glazed with Applejack brandy flavored icing. The multiple layers of pastry result in a bird’s nest of flaky layers that unravel as you pull the pastry apart.

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Should you find yourself in New York in the next couple of months, you can find the pastry at the zany baker’s West Village outpost, Dominique Ansel Kitchen. (Pre-orders had already sold out for the first few days.) Watch the man himself prepare the cinnamon-spun roll below.

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