11 highly hazardous foods you should never eat while using your phone

While replying to a work email the other morning (really, I wasn’t looking at Instagram), I flipped my phone face first into a slice of sourdough spread with peanut butter and honey. It was impressive the extent to which the caramel goo got in everywhere: under my shiny rose-gold cover, in the grooves along the screen protector thingy, and yes, into the holes for the speaker. No cranny was left unbesmirched! It’s true: eating while tweeting is a thoroughly dangerous undertaking. Besides that, there are some foods you should just enjoy unencumbered by your device. Put those screens away, pals.

1. An open peanut butter sandwich

Enough said.

2. Slap chips

Repeated hand washing will be necessary to thoroughly degrease before you touch anything that is not the slick wax paper at the bottom of your chip packet/plate. Also see: any food that requires the use of your hands. (Cellphones are dirty, yo!)

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3. Big bowls of face-meltingly hot soup

There’s no coming back from a dip in the deep.



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4. Curry and naan bread

It is imperative that you tear off the buttery naan and scrape up the sauce. Cutlery won’t cut it here.


5. A Gatsby

I mean, you’ve seen these, right?



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6. Fish tacos

So pretty; so impossible to eat in a dignified fashion.

7. Juicy fruit like naartjies or mangos

These are best enjoyed with both hands. Preferably naked.

8. Pizza

Be at one with the cheese.

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9. Ramen

You know this sucker is going to splash.


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If it’s a decent falafel, more sauces and fillings will be dropping out of the bottom of the pita than will stay inside.


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11. Doughssants

Welcome to the triple threat of butter, oil and cream.


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What’s the worst phone-meets-food disaster you’ve ever had? Tell us in the comments below.

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