11 posts that prove sushi is for kids too

Brought to you by Cape Town Fish Market

Children can be the pickiest eaters, especially when it comes to vegetables or anything even slightly strange-looking. (The solution is usually covering broccoli in cheese sauce or grating carrots into mac ‘n cheese.) So, when the opportunity to head to a sushi spot for dinner presents itself, most parents reluctantly opt out. Raw fish wrapped in rice and seaweed is way too unappealing to an eight year old, right? Wrong. These 11 posts prove that sushi can be just as appetising to little ones as the rest of us!

We should start petitioning for adult sushi to be made to look like pandas.

As well as cats, of course.

Pigs, too.

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Here’s something to please the trick-or-treaters.

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This panda has its own village.

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These are for a very elegant six year old’s birthday party.

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Poké bowl or poké ball?

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Lunchbox goals.

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This spread would surely calm any tantrum.

Something tells us you’d need to put up a fight for your kids not to eat these.

Ok, we admit, we’re jealous.

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Brought to you by Cape Town Fish Market

CTFM-logo2The first Cape Town Fish Market opened its doors almost 20 years ago, when restaurateur Douw Krugmann purchased a fresh fish store at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Today, CTFM is proud to have 12 locations across South Africa, as well as one in Tanzania. It is a restaurant built on fresh ingredients, a relaxing atmosphere, and, most of all, great-tasting seafood and sushi. The sushi extends to their kids’ menu, which comes with three choices of sushi arranged in child-friendly patterns. They also have fun names: There’s the Long John Silver, the Captain Hook and the Jack Sparrow. View the full menu on the CTFM website and find out more on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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