4 social media tips for restaurants

Social media has become an integral part of any business, allowing it to reach new customers, increase revenue and even go “viral”.

As social media forms a key part of a marketing strategy, it is important for restaurants to have a presence on social media platforms – offering endless opportunities to increase sales and customer bases.

With restaurants having faced several challenges since the start of the pandemic, social media strategies are an effective tool. We have created four key social media tips for restaurants to implement, covering the basics to more detailed tips and advice.

1. Establish a social media presence

Even if a restaurant has a website that showcases its menu, opening and closing times, booking options and more, social media is an integral tool that many customers look to when deciding where to dine.

With numerous platforms readily available (and free!), it is important to take stock of the most relevant and highly used platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even the newly popular TikTok.

Establishing a presence on these platforms ensures the following:

  • access to a wider net of customers,
  • a method to provide key updates about a restaurant such as contact details, opening times etc,
  • a promotional based mechanism – meaning that restaurants can share their specials, events and more,
  • it allows for a business to stay current and keep on top of restaurant trends,
  • it fosters a community and creates meaningful relationships with new and existing customers,
  • allow customers to submit reviews, which allow for constructive growth, and
  • showcase the restaurant’s offering in a creative and unique way through imagery, videos and more.

It is important to not only set up a presence on social media platforms but also to ensure that it is well managed and kept up to date with regular posts, updates and more.

2. It’s more than just posting images and videos

Now that we have covered the overall importance of a social media presence, it is important to note that it is more than just posting on each platform.

Social media allows restaurants to foster engagement with their community and, to do so, each post or piece of content that is shared needs to do the following:

  • be relatable to what customers or potential customers may be interested in,
  • be relatable to the context of where their business is, its offering, and its customers, and
  • display a message that always falls in line with the restaurant’s values and ethos.

While this might not seem like an easy feat to accomplish overnight, a well-established social presence for a restaurant business can result in endless benefits. A quick tip to better understand what customers may want to see from you is to ask them – conduct a poll or short focus study on social media and simply ask “what do you love and what are your dislikes?”

Other key factors to include when posting are diversity and inclusivity. This will allow you to reach more people and also showcase the brand in a positive and open light.

3. It is all about preparation

With social media, it is all about preparation and planning. Even though we currently face uncertain times, creating a social media calendar yearly can help a restaurant cater its post to special occasions, events and more.

For example, if World Chocolate Day is coming up according to your calendar, this is the perfect time to showcase any menu items that you have that include chocolate, such as chocolate croissants.

A restaurant could also use this as an opportunity to offer specials or promotions in an ode to the globally celebrated day. With many potential customers searching for things to do on these special days, it is a chance for a business to showcase its involvement and encourage customers to engage and visit the establishment.

4. Do not underestimate the potential of TikTok

We know that there are so many platforms that it may be very hard to keep up with any of them but that’s where planning and preparation come into play. And although you may be sighing at the subheading of “do not underestimate TikTok”, we can assure you that utilising this fast-growing platform has the opportunity for your business to go viral.

According to reports from social media today, in 2021 TikTok grew to a whopping 205.4-million users. The platform, which allows for users to upload short 15-second, 60-second or three-minute long clips, has gained traction globally since the start of the pandemic.

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok allows for endless video content creation opportunities, offering access to free sounds and effects to add to any content created. As one of the most popular platforms, TikTok provides a space where restaurants can get involved in the latest trends, incorporating it into their business to show their fun side, share key information about events and respond to the customers or users comments with new video content.

A good example of this can be seen below:

@atrium_onwaleWho doesn’t love a cheap coffee on their way to work #fyp #viral #coffeeshop #capetown #southafrica♬ why díd this sound blow up – steppedllama

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