5 great indulgent breakfast spots in Durban

While we’re all for those healthy get-up-and-go smoothie bowls, it’s the decadent OTT breakfast burgers, Nutella-dressed pancakes and bubbling pans of shakshuka that are really worth waking up for. If you don’t get out of bed for anything less than buttery French toast or Hollandaise-smothered poached eggs, then these five eateries in Durban are for you.

Antique Café (Windermere)

This cosy gem is no stranger to those who love glorious comfort food. The breakfasts here are super popular and there are plenty of indulgent choices from which to choose. Go for a classic eggs Benny with a glossy coat of Hollandaise, or treat yourself to the luxurious brioche French toast. This beauty comes with two slices of brioche topped with treacle sugar and served with berries, crème anglaise and Nutella. If that’s not decadent enough, top it off with a side of crispy lamb bacon rashers for R94. If dessert for breakfast isn’t your thing, the creamy sweetcorn scramble will give you a good dose of satisfaction. The dish comes with three free-range eggs scrambled with creamy sweetcorn, crispy chopped lamb rashers and shavings of parmesan (R78).

Delish Sisters (Salt Rock)

The Salt Rock sisters have made a name for themselves when it comes to vibrant wholesome grub. But that doesn’t stop them from creating some pretty luscious breakfast dishes. Think pecan-crusted French toast with cream cheese, berry compote and maple-glazed bacon; eggs Benedict with mustard-flecked Hollandaise; shakshuka with a poached egg and creamy Danish feta; corn bread with a Sriracha poached egg stack and crème fraîche; and fluffy flapjacks with cinnamon-and-pecan butter, maple syrup and mascarpone.

Eggs, avo and sriracha on corn bread at Delish Sisters in KZN. Photo supplied.

Parc (Glenwood)

Pick a spot on the sidewalk (you might be lucky enough to enjoy some live music on weekends) and sink your teeth into some of the best breakfasts in town. The Not-so-Benedict has reached cult-like status with its impossibly glossy lemon Hollandaise and cheeky sprinkling of capers, and the comforting bowl of oats is like no other with a spiced fruit compote, pouring cream and a kick of optional whiskey. There’s also the bacon-and-brie breakfast, which comes with artisanal bread fried in butter. It’s served with bacon, local brie cheese and balsamic-glazed cherry tomatoes. If you have a sweet tooth, order the French toast with an all-spice crumble and ginger cream.

So simple, so saucy, so satisfying. Photo by Nikita Buxton

Republik (Hillcrest)

Not just a burger joint, this popular eatery also serves up some good breakfasts to kickstart your day. The Hangover Cure will ease the pain of the night before with a generous serving of two eggs, crispy bacon, balsamic cherry tomatoes, house-made chilli chutney, and your choice of bread. There’s also the classic eggs Benny; meaty mince on toast with rich napolitana sauce; and plates of French toast topped with cinnamon and sugar, berry coulis and whipped cream, or Nutella. If you’re still after that burger, there’s the Republik Breakfast, which comes with a 180g patty, one egg, crispy bacon and beer-glazed onions, naturally.

Surf Riders (South Beach)

A post-beach brekkie is a must at this busy spot. There’s a range of eggs Benedict to choose from here. Try the yellowfin tuna version, if it’s available: seared tuna and avo on potato-and-rosemary toast with two poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. There’s also a mackerel version, a salmon-and-avo version and a rib-sticking crispy bacon version. Alternatively, throw the diet out the window and order the Breakfast Works. This genius creation comprises a sesame bun filled with two poached eggs, gouda cheese, chorizo and gravy. It’s then baked in the pizza oven and topped off with Hollandaise. Cheese-smothered fries are a must on the side.


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