Abigail’s foodie affair

Yesterday I thought I was in Paris. After I tweeted about it, some people thought I actually was! I wasn’t really, but it was very close! I certainly felt like I had been transported to one of my very favourite places – sidewalk cafes, brasseries, macaroons, violet liqueur, sugar cubes in every colour and shape possible, berry conserve, baguettes, coffee, duck rillettes…

I had actually popped into La Petite Tarte at the newly renovated Cape Quarter in De Waterkant (it’s twice the size now), owned by Len Straw and Johan de Villiers who have also just published a lovely cookbook called Once Upon a Chicken Pie. The smell of butter, cheese and pastry wafting out of the shop lured me in. I sat out at an outdoor table and sipped an oversized cup of piping-hot coffee. The décor is pretty, delicate and soft, with comfy floral cushions, French fabrics, sparkling chandeliers and glass domes showcasing delicious home bakes. The place just oozes heart and soul.

I couldn’t resist trying the croque monsieur, despite the fact that I had eaten breakfast just two hours before. The ham-and-cheese toast was perfect, tangy and puffy. I eyed the Victoria jam sponge cake on the counter, but had to leave that for next time!

Aah, Paris!


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