A gazillion things to do with eggs

12 October is World Egg Day, which may sound silly until you consider that in America there’s also a rhubarb pie day (23 January), a deep-fried clams day (1 November) and a chocolate-covered insects day (one not to miss, coming up on Sunday 14 October…)

Eggs, by comparison, seem a fairly worthy candidate for celebration. Not only do they make spectacular high protein breakfasts; rich, satisfying cakes; quiches; and light, fluffy mousses and foams, they’re a veritable goldmine for appalling puns.
The day was established by the IEC (The International Egg Commission, not the Independent Electoral Commission) in 1996 as an opportunity to promote eggs, and egg-related tomfoolery has been taking place on the second Friday in October ever since. 

To help you celebrate in style, here’s our list of egg-cellent recipes (sorry, it’s just too easy…):
24-Hour breakfast bun
The ultimate gourmet pig out! It works wonders as a hangover cure, too.
Baked eggs
"Eggs are amazingly versatile – and this recipe gives them the X factor," says blogger Sam Linsell of this recipe from her new book. "You can add any ingredients or flavours to the basic recipe"
Browniegirl’s French toast with brie and boozy vanilla bean berry compote
Enjoy a decadently boozy dessert, which can be eaten as breakfast, too.
French toast
Accompany these delicious slices of pan-fried bread with crispy bacon.
Sweet stuff
Ice cream, a shot of espresso, and a shot of Amaretto… simple.
Angel cake
Top this zero-fat cake with fresh blueberries, strawberries or raspberries and decorate it with sugar flowers.
Baked cheesecake brownies with raspberry coulis
These brownies with a difference will have your guests looking for more.
Berry marbled cake
Food editor Carmen Niehaus says that berries give this easy madeira cake a beautiful rich colour and wonderful taste.
A rich French bread with a high egg and butter content that gives it a delicate crumb.
Butterscotch pecan cheesecake
This cheesecake is one of the recipes featured in Cake Days by The Hummingbird Bakery in London.
Chocolate and hazelnut caramel bars
The recipe makes heaps, so freeze some of the bars if you wish.
Chocolate brownies with homemade praline
These decadent chocolate brownies by Charmaine Lilje from Chardonnay Chefs are gooey on the inside and crunchy on the outside.
Chocolate, cranberry and pecan-nut cookies
Sweet, chocolatey and nutty flavours all in one cookie.

Free form sweet fig and ricotta tart

A combination of sweet and juicy figs, vanilla blended into ricotta, and golden brown pastry.
Greek almond crescents
Serve with tea or coffee, or with vanilla ice cream at the end of a meal.
Iced vanilla cupcakes
The cakes are very light as the eggs are whisked for about 10 minutes until they are full of air.

Lemon curd and coconut cake
Made with Ready Egg’s bottled egg and Pick n Pay’s pre-prepared lemon curd, this decadent cake is great for busy bakers.
Lindt chocolate chip cookies
Try chocolatier Dimo Simatos's take on the chocolate chip cookie.
Macaroon tartlets
These Macaroon tartlets make beautiful baskets for any seasonal fruit.
James Martin’s sticky toffee pudding
A twist on the original recipe: a decadently rich toffee sauce.
James Martin’s baked pear and honey tart
Spoon through layers of baked egg custard over sweet pear purée and crispy pastry.
Kei apple and ginger-scented cupcake with ginger crystallised day lillies
Try this unique recipe with an almond crust, a syrup-soaked centre and ginger-flavoured flowers.

Lemon meringue cupcakes

A delicious meringue and tangy lemon curd cupcake that’s worth the effort.

Low-fat crème caramel

Low-fat and caramel… you can have your cake and eat it, too.
Milk tart
Tea time or anytime, always welcome this classic tart.
Moroccan rice pudding
A dessert spiced with cinnamon and flavoured with orange zest.
Ouma Corrie’s malva pudding
Minca Worsley's shares her recipe for her ouma Corrie's malva pudding.
The simplest form of a comforting dessert made in a few easy steps.
Passionfruit and yoghurt syrup cakes
Home-made sweet and zingy cakes drenched in passionfruit syrup.
Pomegranate semifreddo
When pomegranates are in season, make this beautiful dessert to impress your dinner party guests.

Ready Egg meringues
Made with pre-separated free-range egg whites, these meringues couldn’t be simpler. Serve with fresh berries and cream for a light summer pud.

Red velvet cake

Join the Red Velvet craze and try out top cookery writer Annie Bell’s recipe.
Romany creams forest cake
Who wouldn’t want to eat a Romany Cream cake?
Saffron crème caramel with star anise
Sweet and spice makes all things nice.
Sesame yoghurt cardamom cake
This lemony, spicy cake comes to us from Karen Dudley of Woodstock restaurant, The Kitchen, and her best-selling recipe book, A Week in The Kitchen.
Six-minute chocolate cake
Try this chocolate cake recipe of blogger Sarah Graham, from her book, Bitten.
Staffords chocolate brownies
Using Staffords products, you can create perfectly textured chocolate brownies.
A base of manjar blanco – a condensed milk batter a little like raw cookie dough – topped with Italian meringue and cinnamon.

Ready Egg Cupcakes
We hear National Chocolate Cupcake day is coming up on October 18. Celebrate with these cupcakes, made with Ready Egg’s free-range bottled eggs.
Whitney miller’s carrot souffle
The winner of MasterChef USA is known for incredible desserts.
Starters and light meals
Pumpkin Fritters
Makes for a lovely Sunday roast side dish.
Tapenade soda bread
Have it as is, or couple it with some Mediterranean-inspired tapas.
Sweet potato and chorizo fritters
Cook these crispy fritters for friends and serve with sour cream.
Smoked salmon, baby marrow and simonsberg cream cheese tart
Spice this dish up with a sprinkle of black pepper and a spring of onions.
Slow-roasted tomato and gruyere tart

Serve up to six people with this sweet, slow-roasted starter.
Simonsberg cheddar soufflé with caramelised pear
Enjoy a rich but light cheddar soufflé.
Savoury bread and butter puddings with garlic and Parmesan
Make these individual portions of tasty bread and butter puds.
Sausage rolls with spicy ketchup

Serve these at your next cocktail party.
Parmesan-crumbed cauliflower

A fresh new way of serving cauliflower; perfect for meat-free Mondays.
Mushroom, butternut and feta cheesecake
Stand out with this savoury cheesecake at your next cooking club gathering.
Free-form tart with spring vegetables
Blanch or roast some rooted vegetables to serve as a fresh topping.
Chorizo and Caramelised onion tart

An easy-to-make recipe that you should pass on.
Main meals
Souffleed crab and asparagus tart
Add a pinch of nutmeg and chilli powder to this simple to make tart.

Gordan Ramsay's fish pie with oysters and scallops

This recipe comes from the well-known chef’s book, Cooking with Friends.

By Katharine Jacobs and Jodi Seale

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