Reaching for the stars: Eat Out Food School students share their dreams for the future

We spoke to the Eat Out Food School class of 2021 about their dreams and what they expect in their near-culinary futures. Despite adversity and harsh industry conditions due to COVID-19 regulations and restrictions, there’s still hope for South Africa and the restaurant industry to grow and thrive again.

“All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me. You may not realise it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” These words came from Walt Disney, and we’re proud to say that our students are dreaming big, despite the obstacles they’ve faced over the past year.


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Here’s what they had to say:

Aqeel Narsigadu

I feel that business won’t be the same again, but it’s an opportunity for all industries to look for new ways to create cashflow. I would say that any successful business will be able to keep up their spirits and I feel they can make new business and new trends. I would like to see myself owning an eco-friendly restaurant and branching out, throughout South Africa and abroad.

Boitumelo Motshegoa

I expect the tourism industry to recover from this pandemic. A lot of people have lost jobs, and some were able to use this pandemic as an opportunity to start new businesses. I see myself as a professional pastry chef one day and I will go to Switzerland to get a master’s degree in hospitality management because they have the best hotel schools there. I want to be a master chocolatier (at Lindt, hopefully)!

Leandre Philander

I see massive room for growth in the industry and more teaching opportunities like these to educate more people. COVID has given our beautiful country room to grow and flourish. My dream is still to be a chef and have my own restaurant someday in the future and to educate and give others this chance. COVID has not scared me away from my dream.

Nomtha Mhlakane

As much as we might cook in or drink in, there is nothing that beats the atmosphere of eating and drinking with friends while you are served good food! Therefore, this industry will never really die out! My short-term goal is to register myself as a catering business on CIPC … With the festive season approaching, I’d like to have a few clients for November/December. Other than that, my dream is to be a chef that pushes organic/whole foods eating.

Nicole Moolman

In the future, I think a lot of people will have grown from the situations we all find ourselves in given the pandemic and all that has happened in the past two years, with many being financially affected and losing family and friends. I believe that we are all going to grow and mature in so many aspects of our lives as we are now capable of facing different challenges and situations. My dream is to continue studying in the culinary industry. I would like to study food and beverage service management at Nelson Mandela University and manage restaurants all over South Africa.

Lindokuhle Lunguza

In future, I hope things will be much better because the pandemic showed us a lot of things, especially about financial security and job losses. I also believe things will go back to normal and those restaurants that closed will recover. My dream is to work on a cruise/Vos rail as a chef. I want to explore the world while learning about people’s cultures and their traditional food. I want to learn new things from chefs around the world while I’m making delicious food for the guests.

Sandisile Sonka

I expect that people will be more cautious in what they do and will be stricter. I also see SA changing because I don’t think things will be the same – in a good way. My dream is to be an executive chef and to be the best in the country.

Lauren Bantom

Lockdown has affected my training in the sense that everyone’s hours were cut short, so that meant less practical experience, but it turned out okay because our restaurant started doing Mr D deliveries during that period. It did, however, affect my studies as classes were cancelled for a period, but luckily this gave me more time to focus on educating myself at home and focusing on modules and assignments due. I’m feeling quite optimistic despite the pandemic because consumers are becoming aware of how they can help and support local businesses and restaurants.


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