Crafting culinary perfection: what goes into making the ultimate mozzarella cheese


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Mozzarella, with its delicate flavour and irresistibly melty qualities, stands in a league of its own and there is truly no substitute for authentic, high-quality mozzarella. However, not all cheeses are created equal and there’s mozzarella and then there’s Woolworths Ayrshire mozzarella. Beyond simply being an outstanding product, worthy of topping piping hot pizzas and pasta, Woolworths Ayrshire mozzarella also tells a story of dedication to ethical and sustainable production practices, with careful attention paid to sourcing ingredients.

The story of this Ayrshire mozzarella, made especially for Woolworths by RFG Foods, starts with milk sourced from both RFG’s own herd in Simondium and contracted farmers in the Overberg region. The Ayrshire milk used is the first step to creating a remarkable finished product. This is what gives the mozzarella its superior mouthfeel, creaminess, and unique light white colour. The location of both the factory and the farms is also important and they play a crucial role in supporting the local community. As the workforce mainly comes from Pniel and nearby areas, this further contributes to the sustainable economic development of the area. The cows on these farms are well cared for, too, under the best conditions, with continuous investments made to improve their wellbeing. Routine audits and tests guarantee the cows are never treated with rBST hormones, reinforcing the credibility of Woolworths’ hormone-free claim at all times and ensuring the highest quality and adherence to strict quality parameters. Marisa Munroe, Woolworths Head of Product: Food Business Development, says, “As a mother, these are the things that really matter to me, and that is why I trust our milk and other dairy products wholeheartedly.”

Once the milk is procured, pasteurisation takes place and it’s then transferred to the factory facility where it undergoes a special process that ensures the incredible taste and texture of the resulting mozzarella. Here, cheese cultures and non-animal rennet are added to the milk, creating a curd, which then undergoes stretching, cooling and moulding at precise temperatures and parameters. It’s important to note that this process is relatively manual – the cheese is cut by hand, while specialised Italian equipment is used to stretch it, ensuring it delivers the required texture and melting capabilities. The factory employs a slow and small-batch approach to processing, which is what sets the Woolworths Ayrshire mozzarella apart. Ultimately this dedication results in an exceptional mozzarella – it’s firm and smooth, grates well and melts perfectly, and delivers a delicately creamy flavour, perfect for pizza, pasta or even suped-up braaibroodjies.

Woolworths Ayrshire mozzarella stands out as a powerhouse product, made locally, by manual artisanal methods, using only the best, ethically sourced raw ingredients. With this unwavering dedication at every step of the process, it’s no wonder that this mozzarella is award-winning. Every good cook knows that when a recipe calls for mozzarella, there is no substitute, but opting for Woolworths Ayrshire mozzarella will guarantee a perfect dish, every single time. “It is a true example of innovation respecting tradition – relying on age-old skills and knowledge, whilst applying state-of-the-art modern science and process technologies to ensure consistent safety and delicious, creamy perfection!” says Marisa.

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