Why didn’t we think of that? Behold the double-sided ice cream cone

New York is home to a plethora of insane ice cream geniuses (see also cornflake-flavoured soft-serve from Momofuku Milk Bar), but the latest creation has us kicking ourselves for not thinking of it first. The folk at J-Play Ice cream, a food truck commonly found in the Soho area of New York, has created a puffed corn cone in the shape of the letter J. The cone is filled with the truck’s soft serve, and can be ordered as a half-and-half – so you can have a different flavour on each end.

According to Grubstreet, the co-owners got the machine to make the cone from Korea, where a similar treat is available. The treat is also available in the Philippines, where it’s referred to as jipangyi.

Yelp reviews report that the cone tastes a little like Cheetos without the salt, and that drippage was not a problem thanks to the thickness of the cone. Which is a relief with not one, but two ends to worry about!

We do acknowledge, however, that the ice cream shape is slightly questionable. Perhaps we could get a horseshoe shape instead?

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