Is ‘fat water’ the next drinks trend?

Dave Asprey, the founder of the Bulletproof diet (yep, the one that had coffee drinkers spooning butter into their morning beans) is evangelising about a new drinks trend – fatty water.

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Claiming to quench thirst and supply hours of sugar-free energy, FATwater is basically H20 mixed with coconut oil and vitamin E, with each serving containing 2g of fat and 20 calories. The entrepreneur told The Huffington Post that his drink doesn’t taste creamy; rather, that it is “pearlescent and feels wetter on the tongue”.

After this ordeal, we’d imagine you’d want to imbibe everything in sight to rid your mouth of the oily residue. All that hard work undone.

FATwater can be ordered online in plain, berry, lemon and orange versions. Find out more here.

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