Fine Italian food and family come first at Ritrovo Ristorante

Ritrovo lasagne_mainRitrovo Ristorante, a family-run and –friendly restaurant, charms with wonderfully authentic Italian food, a good wine offering and attentive service.

The food

This is a family establishment with Fortunato Mazzone still supported by his father, with whom he started the business. The menu is extensive, but if you want to be bowled over, go for the authentic Italian dishes that sound as if they come straight from mama’s kitchen. Think thin-based pizza with rocket and slivers of Italian cheese, any of their pastas, fresh fish done in the oven with flavours of tomato and olives, or unusual cuts of meat. Their homemade bread is a must, especially to soak up the richness of the sauces, and nothing can compare to their homemade ice creams for dessert. They are proud of their produce and quality, so ask on the day for any seasonal specials.

The drinks

Ritrovo has one of the finest cellars in town, with local wines taking centre stage. If you’re a connoisseur, you’ll feel at home.

The service

The staff members feel like family and many have been there for ages. They know their customers and their cuisine and can easily match the two.

The ambience

This is one of the few Pretoria restaurants with a view. The style is relaxed with a certain swagger of its own.

Ritrovo by candlelightAnd…

Because family plays such an important role here, the restaurant feels like a home away from home. Ritrovo can, however, also accommodate those who want to dine incognito.

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