Franck Dangereux opens new intimate gourmet concept, The Foodbarn Studio

Ask any of today’s Top 10 chefs whom they admire, and the name Franck Dangereux is bound to crop up. The chef, who founded our current number-two restaurant, La Colombe, in 1996, currently runs Noordhoek favourite The Foodbarn, where’s he’s known for turning out unfussy but very fine food. Now, the chef has a new exciting project: The Foodbarn Studio.


The Foodbarn Studio is set in the beautiful Noordhoek home of chef Nicky Gibbs. Photo supplied.

The Foodbarn Studio is set in the beautiful Noordhoek home of chef Nicky Gibbs, two minutes from The Foodbarn, and offers five- to six-course lunches and regular evening demos with Franck.

“It grew organically,” explains Franck. The idea came about after Nicky began cooking up delicious ready-made freezer meals for customers of The Foodbarn Deli. Nicky had worked as a private chef for rock bands like The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and David Bowie, before returning to her Noordhoek home. In December 2016 the new studio began offering five- to six-course lunches in Nicky’s home, for between six and 25 guests. Now, regular Wednesday night demos with Franck are also on offer.


Lunches are available for groups of six and upwards. Photo supplied.

“You arrive at 6pm, and have a glass of wine on the deck and watch the sun go down over the ocean,” explains Franck. “Then I demo some dishes, and you sit down to eat everything I’ve demonstrated. We’ll also do some great unusual wines. It’s a real pampering experience.”

Franck is well-known for his regular demos at The Foodbarn – which he says will continue – but this location gives the chef an opportunity to offer something slightly different.


The new restaurant offers Franck an opportunity to experiment. Photo supplied.

“Nicky’s home has got beautiful views of the mountain and ocean, and it feels very secluded,” he explains. The second venue will also give Franck a little culinary freedom. “It’s going to be my playground,” says the chef. While Foodbarn regulars have come to expect certain signature dishes on the menu, The Foodbarn Studio will allow Franck to innovate and push boundaries. “There’s a beautiful garden with fynbos growing, and Nicky goes foraging down on the beach.”

At the most recent dinner, Franck demonstrated pear-and-porcini salad with Pépé Charlot goat’s cheese; beef sirloin cooked fat-on with sweet potato and cinnamon mousseline, sautéed radicchio, fynbos and wild rosemary butter; and fresh berries gratinated with amandine.

The next event is scheduled for Wednesday 1 March 2017. Email to find out more about the forthcoming menus and reserve your place.


Visitors leave with a full belly – and new kitchen skills. Photo supplied.

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