Where to get great ramen in Pretoria

Oyama Sushi (Lynnwood Ridge)

For the perfect bowl of traditional Japanese ramen, Oyama Sushi is the place to go. Ramen options include Miso (miso paste-based broth), Shoyu (soya sauce-based broth) and Tonkotsu (pork bone broth). Each ramen bowl contains the broth of your choice, ramen noodles, sweet corn, green bean sprouts, spring onions, seaweed and a choice of either the original ramen with a ramen egg, ramen with sliced stir-fried beef, ramen with char siu pork, or vegetarian ramen with vegetarian broth. The ramen with char siu pork is the hot favourite. Add-ons to the ramen include ramen egg, fishcakes, squid, extra noodles and spicy sauce.

RAYA (Hazelwood)

Promising a ‘designer Asian-inspired experience’ that draws its essence from Thai, Korean, Singaporean, Malaysian and Japanese roots, RAYA offers three ramen bowls that are definitely worth trying. Take your pick from RAYA’s signature ramen – the RAYA Tonkotsu Ramen featuring rich and savoury pork broth, pork belly (chashu), ramen noodles, ajitama egg, mixed mushrooms, spring onion, nori and a dash of chilli crisp and alium oil; Tori Shoyu Ramen comprising a soy, mirin and dashi-based chicken broth, a choice of pork, chicken or beef, ramen noodles, spring onion, ajitama egg, mushrooms, chilli crisp and alium oil; or Laksa containing a South East Asian coconut, lime and prawn stock curry, rice noodles, prawns, spring onions, soft-boiled egg, chicken, coriander and chilli sauce. For a vegetarian option, the meat in any ramen bowl can be substituted with mushrooms, in a vegetarian broth. Add-ons to the ramen bowls include extra noodles, beef and chicken.


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Asia House (Moreleta Park)

Offering a wide array of Thai, Chinese and Japanese dishes, Asia House is also popular for its Tom Yum Ramen that is available in choices of chicken, beef or seafood. All the ramen bowls contain Tom Yum and roasted chilli paste-based broth, ramen noodles, mushrooms, Chinese vegetables, bamboo shoots, tomatoes and spring onions. A vegetarian ramen bowl can be ordered on request which will contain extra vegetables and tofu. All ramen bowls have spice level options of mild, medium or hot. Add-ons include extra noodles, chicken, beef, pork, tofu, extra vegetables and egg.

Ichiban (multiple outlets)

Popular for its sushi, Chinese and Thai offerings, Ichiban also offers great-tasting ramen that is only available for dine-in. All ramen bowls contain rich bone broth, ramen noodles, Chinese vegetables, a fried egg and a choice of beef, chicken, pork or seafood (prawns, calamari and crabstick). While the beef ramen and the seafood ramen are the most popular, a vegetarian ramen can be ordered on request with vegetarian broth, Chinese vegetables, ramen noodles and an egg (optional). Add-ons include beef, chicken or pork. For an extra-hot ramen bowl, spicy sauce can be added at an additional cost.

Simply Asia (multiple outlets)

At Simply Asia, patrons can choose between the Five-Spice Ramen Noodles comprising Thai five-spice and fish sauce-flavoured broth, fried garlic, bean sprouts, spring onions, celery, a hard-boiled egg and your choice of rice noodles, yellow noodles or mung bean noodles (surcharge applicable); Thai Spice Ramen Noodles comprising Thai spice-flavoured broth, fried garlic, bean sprouts, spring onion, ground peanuts, a hard-boiled egg (or tofu) and your choice of rice noodles, yellow noodles or mung bean noodles (surcharge applicable); or the bestselling Tom Yum Ramen comprising Tom Yum and roasted chilli paste broth, mushrooms, fried garlic, a hard-boiled egg and yellow noodles. All ramen bowls are priced at R114 for the standard portion and R64 for a half portion, and toppings of chicken, beef, duck or prawns can be added to any of the bowls at an additional cost.

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