Ice-cream ramen is now a thing and we don’t know how to feel

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What else does 2016 need? Ice-cream ramen, obviously. The latest food trend to hit our Instagram feeds is something a little weirder than the unicorn toast and fairy floss we’re used to seeing.

To answer your many questions:

1. The dessert doesn’t actually contain ramen noodles, but is instead made up of a Japanese agar-agar jelly.

2. Instead of the usual miso broth with a soy sauce, egg and nori, this jiggly ramen jelly (which comes in flavours of peach, green tea, honey and brown sugar) sits in a soup of condensed milk and crushed ice.

3. The translucent aquamarine squiggles are then topped off with syrup in fruity flavours like cantaloupe, mango and white peach.

4. The sweet treat was devised by The Dessert Kitchen in New York, which is also known to whip up the odd raindrop cake, dessert bao and egg waffle.

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