Important ice-cream update from the northern hemisphere: It’s time to stuff fruit with sorbet

It’s hard to imagine from the vantage point of South African winter, but in the northern hemisphere it’s actually summer right now. Why is that important for us? Well, for one, it’s the season to post pointed pictures of sunny South African skies aimed at friends living in London, but it is also the season for ice-cream innovation for the north’s nuttier chefs.

The latest viral ice cream hit comes to us from the creator of the CronutTM, Dominique Ansel. His summer creation is the What-a-Melon: a slice of watermelon, hollowed out, and filled with watermelon soft serve. It’s finished with a sprinkle of sea salt and lime zest, and after the watermelon’s pips are removed, chocolate pips are pressed into the flesh instead. The result? An irresistibly Instagrammable treat.

The treat debuted at Ansel’s Tokyo location, but after blowing up on Instagram in Japan, the pastry master also brought it to his original US store to celebrate the 4th of July. We have to admit, it does sound like it could be good – and refreshingly light, from the man who decided it was a good idea to deep fry croissant pastry.

Other sorbet-themed treats from the cronut king include the kiwi sorbet bar, a vivid green kiwi sorbet with a vanilla ice-cream centre, and poppy seeds to replace the kiwi pips. It’s coated in chocolate that has even been made ‘fuzzy’, to mimic the skin of the kiwi. 

At Dominique Ansel Japan, there’s also a caramel sweetcorn soft serve which comes served atop a charred, soy- and butter-basted sweetcorn cob.

If that all sounds a bit deficient in the pastry department, Dominique has also been spotted stuffing his signature kouign-amann with balls of ice cream. Phew. 

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