You know you’re a foodie in 2018 when…

Sure, you really love to eat, but do you qualify? Take a look at our list of signs that you’re a legit foodie in 2018.

1. You have at least one pack of rusks made from things that aren’t actually rusks

2. You have made ramen and/or poké at home

3. You have raised avo toast to an art form

4. You have at least one jar of hipster peanut butter with spices or chocolate or chilli in it

Please line up tallest to shortest.

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5. You eat octopus, sweetbreads and hearts now like it ain’t no thang

6. You have made a savoury crumble of some form (thanks, MasterChef Australia)

7. You can pronounce ‘provenance’ and use it in a sentence

8. You show up to braais with your own jar of chimichurri or gremolata

9. You make – not buy – meringues for your pavlova

10. You regularly have bowl food now (who cares what it is – it’s in a bowl! Chuck it in there)

11. You have consumed foraged mushrooms in the last fortnight

12. You have a favourite origin of coffee

13. You put herbs in your gin and take photos of it

14. You have a bottle of kombucha in your fridge

Sometimes more is more. #followyourgut #drinklocal

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15. You own a bamboo coffee cup

16. You prefer your lattes to be of the turmeric variety

17. You’ve eaten at the 50th best restaurant in the world

18. Your fave hipster lunch spot is replaced by a new hipster lunch spot before you can say ‘liquor licence’

19. You only eat meat if you know its middle name and birthday – or you don’t eat meat at all

Time to get your Easter Feaster Face on. What does that mean? It means roasting some fully traceable, Karoo-certified lamb my friends. It means getting loved ones around a table and cracking open the good wine, this time. To celebrate this year, we’ve got two options. Straight-up leg of lamb, which we’ve kept super simple. Roast this one as is, until pink. Alternatively, give the shoulder a go. This has been prepped with a bunch of Easter spices, citrus and herbs stuffed in there. Your best bet here is to add a splash of liquid and cook for a long time, at a low temp. We have limited quantities of each so TO AVOID FEELING SAD AND BAD AND EVEN A LITTLE MAD please e-mail to reserve yours. ? @andrew_nel #eatpropermeat #lamb #easter #ffmm #frankiefenner

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20. You hiss when you see someone using a plastic straw

And how about these?! #launchingsoon #refusethestraw #classinaglass #earthwarrior

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21. You make simple dishes super complicated (is your chicken skin even stuffed, bro?)

22. You have downloaded the new Eat Out app

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