La Petite Colombe: fearlessly embracing the art of exceptional cocktails


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Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of vineyards and the Franschhoek Valley, La Petite Colombe stands as the proud recipient of the new Eat Out Patrón Mixology Award, a testament to their exceptional commitment to crafting extraordinary cocktails. This award recognises the restaurant’s innovative approach to mixology and its dedication to blending diverse flavours, textures, and presentations that captivate the senses.

Beyond their restaurant 3 stars at the 2023 Eat Out Woolworths Restaurant Awards, the introduction of the Eat Out Patrón Mixology Award further solidifies La Petite Colombe’s position as a leader in the world of cocktails. The team’s ability to harmonise flavours and create complex yet well-rounded drinks has set them apart, making each sip a journey of sensory delight.


The significance of the Eat Out Patrón Mixology Award is not lost on head chef Peter Duncan, who says, “Wow, what an incredible privilege, and honestly very unexpected! We are very grateful that the love and passion we put into creating our cocktails has come through and are so appreciative that it has been recognised!”

La Petite Colombe’s commitment to mixology goes beyond accolades. Their philosophy revolves around a joint effort, with everyone from barmen to chefs, sommeliers and managers contributing to the creation of their cocktail list. This collaborative approach ensures that no idea is overlooked, fostering an environment where creativity thrives. “A real sense of teamwork goes into creating our list. We all have a passion for creating – so no idea is too small or insignificant. Everyone has an input, from our barmen, chefs, sommeliers and managers,” says Peter.

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Seasonality is a guiding force in La Petite Colombe’s drink curation. Situated in the Dassenberg Mountains, La Petite Colombe is surrounded by an abundance of fresh produce. From Eureka lemon trees in bloom to almond blossoms and a variety of herbs and fynbos, seasonal changes inspire the team’s creativity. Each cocktail tells a story, with the ingredients reflecting the beauty of the landscape and providing a unique experience for guests.

La Petite Colombe’s cocktail menu is a masterpiece of creativity and balance, showcasing a profound understanding of spirits, liqueurs, bitters and other cocktail components. The team fearlessly pushes the boundaries of traditional mixology, introducing innovative elements that leave a lasting impression. Their cocktails not only display a high level of technique and skill, but also reflect a deep passion for the art of mixology. The team believes in bringing theatre to the service of cocktails, transforming each drink into a “Wow” experience for their guests. The Sage Martini, for example, stands out with its well-balanced, fresh profile, and a touch of drama courtesy of dry ice.


Staying ahead of trends is another crucial aspect of La Petite Colombe’s mixology philosophy. Through extensive research on social media, books and global travels, they gather inspiration to infuse into their creations. This dedication ensures that their cocktail offerings remain on the cutting edge of mixology, providing guests with exciting and trendsetting experiences.

La Petite Colombe’s journey in mixology is one of passion, creativity and a relentless pursuit of excellence. The team’s passion for crafting unique cocktails is palpable, evident in every pour and presentation that graces the tables of La Petite Colombe.

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