Liam Tomlin and team to reinvent The Bailey on Bree with new dining concepts

The bustling food scene of Cape Town is about to witness a transformation, as chef and restaurateur Liam Tomlin prepares to reinvent the current Chefs Warehouse & Canteen on Bree Street, along with two other exciting ventures. Joining forces with partner David Schneider, the two chefs will breathe new life into 91 Bree Street, where Liam’s three-storey operation, The Bailey, currently operates.

The Bailey will embark on an extended winter break in mid-May to undergo a comprehensive renovation, paving the way for three distinct dining concepts: Chefs Warehouse & Canteen, Merchant, and Room 91. While the exact opening date is yet to be announced, you can expect the unveiling of these eateries soon.

Reflecting on this new chapter, Liam says, “In this heritage building that we love and now know so well, on this street that means so much to us, we are creating completely new big-city restaurants that are for today and tomorrow. They will be less formal, unique and exceptional destinations for diners to experience exciting, fresh and deep flavours, as well as dishes prepared with locally produced ingredients they won’t find elsewhere. It’ll be fun, vibey, speak to food lovers of all ages, and is our renewed commitment to the neighbourhood that feels like home.”


Chefs Liam Tomlin, Adrian Hadlow and David Schneider.

Amidst the dynamic growth of Cape Town’s CBD, the initiative aligns with the city’s evolving landscape, characterised by ongoing residential and lifestyle developments. Liam expresses his optimism: “I have never been more excited and positive about Cape Town and the CBD, which is literally dotted with yellow construction cranes in every direction. Since 2014, we’ve been here through it all: the early days on Bree Street when it first became the cool street, the explosive growth of First Thursdays, the proliferation of art galleries in the area, the rough days of Covid and now this great new energy that is propelling Cape Town into the future. We are 100% committed to being active partners in the growth of Bree Street as the cultural and culinary hub of the city.”


At the heart of these new ventures lies a commitment to showcasing the best of local produce and craftsmanship. David elaborates on the vision behind Merchant, the restaurant poised to celebrate South Africa’s rich agricultural offerings.

“A merchant is someone who goes directly to the source to  procure the best and often the exclusive. In South Africa, we have incredible produce – from meat, game and seafood to vegetables, grains and fruits. At Merchant, we want to champion the best producers and their products, and make them the focal point of our offering. We might showcase Merino lamb from Simondium, and have three dishes – loin, shoulder and sweetbread – running at the same time,” he explains. Merchant will offer regular Producer Dinners hosting these food producers, with multiple course menus featuring their own products, much like you would experience at a wine tasting.

With the collaborative efforts of Liam, David, and chef Adrian Hadlow, these new ventures will offer a diverse range of dining experiences infused with the creativity and passion that the Chefs Warehouse Group is known for.

Reservations for all three eateries will be available throughout the closure period. You can email 

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