Nibbles chefs can’t wait to travel for

We’ve all missed traveling and the thing we’ve probably missed the most is the food! Nothing tastes better than a fresh pasta in Italy or a buttery croissant in Paris … But no matter how many times we try to recreate our favourite dishes at home, they just aren’t the same. We asked a few chefs what’s their all-time favourite meal they can’t wait to travel for again. Here’s what they had to say.”b

“Beef suya kebabs, which I enjoyed in Nigeria two years ago,” says Siba Mtongana. “Beef suya is thinly sliced beef kebabs that is seasoned with an authentic suya spice (which uses spice ingredients that are found only in that region). I have tried to replicate it at home, but it is not quite the same as some root spices are not easily available here!”

“Stroopwafels while riding a bike in Amsterdam,” says Kamini Pather. “I’ve tried stroopwafels elsewhere and they just don’t taste the same!”

Oliver Cattermole is craving all the comfort British classics. “A soon as we’re allowed back in London, I’ll be heading over for one or two of Calum Franklin’s pork pies, roast turbot at Scott’s & Burgers and negronis at Meat Liquor.”

Sepial from Sepial’s Kitchen says: “My favourite dish I cannot wait to travel for is makgooksoo, which is a humble buckwheat noodle seasoned with perilla seed oil and seaweed. My favourite place that serves this dish is in a very small town called Gosung, quite close to North Korea. It is always something really simple we seem to miss the most!”

“An authentic thick-base focaccia from Genoa in Italy,” says Lexi Monzeglio. “With good quality olive oil and rosemary!”

Matt Manning is reminded of his honeymoon. “In France, they have cheese before a meal, so we were all gathered round drinking fabulous wine and eating cheese in 35-degree heat, watching the sun go down. This is when I first had a taste of pâté en croûte as part of the cheese and charcuterie board, which is a meat pâté baked in pastry. It is absolutely delicious and something I cannot wait to travel to Beaune again for. Well, that and the wine, of course!”

What’s the one dish you can’t wait to travel for? Comment below – we’d love to know!

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