Ode to Lusitania

Linda Scarborough professes her undying love to Lusitania, a fishmonger and chippie in Waterkant Street, Cape Town.

Lusitania calamari and chips

Lusitania’s calamari and chips. Photo by Linda Scarborough.

Beloved Lusitania, you are a beacon

Of white tiles and pink-sauce bakkies

Of the warm glow of hope and fried things

Of paper-wrapped parcels of glory.

Oh, Lusitania!

The scent of your frying chips – slap with crispy edges, anointed in vinegar and salt of the earth – is my salvation.

Your nuggets of calamari from the deep seas – freshly dredged in flour and bathed in gold – are my truth.

Your queues may be long and winding – especially on Fridays – but steadfast I shall remain.

Ever faithful, your servant,


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