Partner content: S.Pellegrino unveils three limited edition bottles with bespoke labels

S.Pellegrino, the world’s leading sparkling mineral water with over a century-long heritage of Italian good taste and lifestyle, unveiled its awaited special edition bottles at Milan Design Week and they’re now available in South Africa. In partnership with architect Giulio Cappellini –  talent scout for the world’s next top designers and Art Director of Cappellini – S.Pellegrino is bringing unique pieces of design to the tables of the finest restaurants in the world to celebrate ‘The Journey of Water’.

Following a prestigious line of limited edition partnerships recognising Italian talent, style and heritage, this is the first time a range of exclusive labels will hero S.Pellegrino’s own iconic identity, interpreted by some of the most exciting figures within the world of design.

The three limited edition bottles

The three limited edition bottles. Photo supplied.

S.Pellegrino and Giulio Cappellini has disclosed the names of the three international designers chosen for the first-ever design project: Neri&Hu from China, Steven Haulenbeek from the USA and Philippe Nigro from France, each of whom has conceived a different label.

Neri&Hu, award-winning architects and designers hailing from Shanghai, China – whose projects range from architecture to interior and from hotel to restaurant – take a critical approach to their work. The duo delved into the natural elements of S.Pellegrino, fusing the cyclical theme of past and future. Their label is a sophisticated representation of water in the form of clouds.

Chicago-based artist Steven Haulenbeek, named by the New York Times in 2015 as one of America’s most exciting designers, is known for his functional sculptures and use of raw materials. Haulenbeek applies his experimental style to his special edition label to illustrate the continuation of the journey through the earth. “I am representing the filtration of rainwater through the ground using an inverted pyramid of flowing lines,” said Haulenbreek.


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The journey of water is completed by award-winning French designer, Philippe Nigro, whose experiences are reinforced by the combination of Franco-Italian culture. Nigro’s modern interpretation of the classic label looks to the signature sparkling quality synonymous with S.Pellegrino water.

The three special edition bottles can be found in the best restaurants of the world until the end of 2018, while the three individual installations are exposed at Cappelini Point showroom and space to meet, discuss and promote design, and at the Superdesign Show at Superstudio Più, the showcase of Italian and international talent in design for the whole Milan Design Week.

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