Restaurant design: Sandton’s new GRK Greek eatery offers a sleek and contemporary space

Playing on the classic street food, GRK by Ethos offers a reimagined variation of gyro’s – a handheld pita filled with a variety of meats, dips and veg. What sets GRK apart from the traditional variation is that the meats are grilled on flat tops as opposed to the original rotisserie method. The eatery is a fast-casual extension of the Ethos brand.

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The sleek and contemporary setting matches the new methods of cooking. Fresh, clean and modern, the interiors are designed by Giorgio Tatsakis of Atelier Giorgio. Ebony timber, neutral palettes and simple minimalism paired with herringbone Wolkberg flooring make the venue perfect for dine-in or takeaways.

GRK by Ethos

As a nod to Greek art, Giorgio created a focal point with the organic bar counter and a symmetrical wall panel that sits behind the arched booths. Inspired by, and paying reference to Greek art forms, the intention of the space was to steer away from the traditional ‘blue and white’ aesthetic that one generally sees and associates with a Greek restaurant, and modernize it, just like the food,” comments Giorgio.

GRK by Ethos

In addition to the selection of Gyros, GRK also offers Vaflaki, Italian Gelato and a variety of ready-made Greek meals prepared by their experienced chefs.

GRK by Ethos

This article was originally published on VISI.

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