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The latest bold and refreshing addition to the SKYY® Vodka range is going to light up your summer. We caught up with the team that created this delightful next-generation vodka to share a cocktail recipe to get your summer started.

What sets SKYY® Vodka apart?

SKYY® Vodka is now made with water enhanced by minerals, including Pacific minerals from the San Francisco Bay Area intended to elevate the mouthfeel, then filtered through California limestone to reinforce structure, freshness and minerality, resulting in a naturally smooth vodka that is refreshing and distinctive. SKYY® Vodka pioneered quadruple distillation and triple filtration to create an award-winning liquid with the lowest levels of impurities within the industry.

Where does the inspiration for the new SKYY® Infusions Blood Orange flavour come from?

We are seeing growing consumer demand for more adventurous or ‘next-generation’ citrus flavour profiles – with blood orange being one of them. Classic citrus flavours have been a consumer favourite for years in the food-and-beverage industry with no signs of their popularity slowing down. This presented an opportunity for us to provide an innovative and robust new taste experience in the vodka category with the launch of SKYY® Infusions Blood Orange.

What can we expect from the new blood orange flavour?

A clean, citrus-forward vodka with a bright, bold aroma on the nose and on the palate. You will experience a mouth-watering blood orange flavour with a slight hint of berry.

How is a new vodka flavour created?

We consult a collective of experts across different fields. This collective is made up of a cocktail writer, a chef, a food-and-liquid specialist, a water sommelier and a bartender. All our SKYY® Infusions were created to capture the true flavour of the fruit, using only natural flavours during the infusions process. Infused ingredients are blended with SKYY®  Vodka, resulting in a unique, fresh and natural flavour experience.

What is the best way to enjoy this citrus infusion?

SKYY® Infusions Blood Orange is a well-rounded vodka that elevates the flavour of any cocktail, but it can be enjoyed neat, with premium soda water, flavoured sparkling water or any other mixer.

Could you recommend a cocktail that would be perfect for a golden sunset summer party?

The sparkling sangria is the perfect cocktail for any festive occasion and is made with fresh fruit that’s both tart and sweet, and your favourite bubbly. Serve punch bowl-style for an eye-catching addition to your summer party table!skyy-vodka-eat-outReady for the summer cocktail of your dreams? Try this sparkling sangria cocktail recipe, featuring the new SKYY Blood Orange infusion.

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