The Roundhouse: winners of the Service Excellence Award

“Supremely knowledgeable waiters deliver slick and seamless service, making this a flawless dining experience.” Eat Out editor Abigail Donnelly on The Roundhouse, winner of the Service Excellence Award at the 2011 Eat Out DStv Food Network Restaurant Awards on 20 November 2011. We look at what made them the winning restaurant.

The experience
When last were you greeted at your car and escorted to the restaurant on the arm of a waiter? At the Roundhouse, this is just the start of the luxurious affair. An army of staff makes sure every aspect of your dining experience runs smoothly. Professional, yet personal, they’ll greet you by name, ensure you’re comfortable, and serve your food speedily, without any fuss.

The preparation
Sneak into The Roundhouse at 5.30pm and you’ll find the waiters in a huddle, passing clipboards around. Before service starts, each waiter learns the names of the guests they’ll be serving, the occasion being celebrated, and any special dietary requirements they need to watch out for.

The grounding
Owned by restaurant training service Let’s Sell Lobster, The Roundhouse ensures that staff receive the very best training. Waiters have access to a digital database of classes – on everything from correct cutlery and crockery to the appropriate body language to use while removing guests’ plates – and take weekly tests. This attention to detail makes all the difference.

The wine
If you’ve opted for the food and wine pairing, you’re in for a sublime treat. The sommelier and general manager is Joakim Hansi Blackadder, recent winner of The Bollinger Exceptional Wine Service Award, who has perfected his role to an art.

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