Uncovering elements of salt, fire and peat: Laphroaig puts restaurants and bars to the challenge


fire flame
The Laphroaig Taste Trailblazers programme aims to connect existing peated whisky enthusiasts with innovative culinary partners throughout South Africa, highlighting the stories of those who passionately explore the realms of salt, fire, and peat while fostering a deeper appreciation for this unique taste experience.

Teams consisting of chefs and bartenders will showcase their mastery of peat, salt, and fire through a menu of delectable dishes and drinks to determine the winning Taste Trailblazers of South Africa.

Participating restaurants in July:

Dusk in Stellenbosch
Dusk, awarded the Eat Out Retail Capital Best New Restaurant, will host a unique 13-course food and drinks dining experience. The event, hosted by Brand Ambassador Steven Zylstra, will focus on pushing the boundaries of the fine dining experience. The 13-course meal will highlight Laphroaig’s flavour pillars of Salt, Peat, and Fire, with each course expertly paired with a different Laphroaig Libation and wine to enhance the food and drink. Chef Callan Austin and bartender Rebecca Melvill collaborate to create an all-encompassing dining experience, drawing inspiration from their respective skillsets. Guests can expect a unique, dark, moody, eclectic, and luxurious ambience.

Chef Callan Austin and mixologist Rebecca Melvill
Cost: R3,250 per person
Date: 15 and 16 September 2023
Time: 6.30pm

Talking to Strangers in Cape Town
Cape Town’s newest cocktail bar, Talking to Strangers, is partnering with Laphroaig to showcase a unique experience of sharing-style street food tapas expertly paired with Laphroaig-inspired handcrafted cocktails. Bartender Nick Crouse and chef MG Mzoneli draw inspiration from diverse culinary cultures worldwide, focusing on street food. Their goal is to transform street food into a refined and luxurious dining experience, complemented by fresh seasonal produce that enhances fine spirits.

Cost: R800 per person
Date: 11 October  2023
Time: 18:00 for 18:30
Bookings: online

Sin & Tax in Johannesburg
Elevate your dining experience at Sin & Tax on 18 July, where you’ll indulge in a carefully curated food and Laphroaig whisky experience. Chef Evert de Jong and bartender Julian Short take inspiration from childhood nostalgia, infusing peat, fire, and salt into their 3-course menu named “There’s Food at Home!” The menu includes dishes such as bitter raspberry, burnt butter caramel, toasted sesame, and mint for the amuse bouche, a tomato, red pepper, and miso soup for starters, mom’s spaghetti with beef, bacon, tomato, shiitake, and red wine for mains, and a vanilla marshmallow campfire dessert. Evert and Julian prioritize curating experiences, hospitality, love, and flavour, drawing from their diverse knowledge and experience in the industry.

Date: 18 July 2023
Time: 18:00 – 23:00
Cost: R950 per person
Bookings: online

The Bailey Brasserie
Indulge in a remarkable 5-course meal, meticulously crafted to showcase the captivating flavours of peat, salt, and fire.

The event will feature a harmonious fusion of South African and international ingredients, expertly prepared using classic techniques. Prepare your palate for a culinary journey that includes delights such as charcoal-baked oyster mushroom ceviche, American oak-smoked salmon, charcoal-roasted venison, aged Gruberg with black garlic sponge, and a delightful selection of petit fours. Each course is thoughtfully paired with Laphroaig to create a memorable experience.

Chef Asher Abramowitz and bartender Cameron Paulse draw on their extensive knowledge of ingredients, skillfully intertwining them with Laphroaig’s three flavour pillars while paying homage to its Islay heritage. The cocktails have been carefully crafted to enhance flavours and complement the dishes without overpowering the true essence of Laphroaig.

the bailey

Cost: R900 per person.
Date: 26 July
Time: 6pm for 6.45pm

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