Vue Shortmarket set to expand Cape Town’s inner-city dining scene

Hot off the press! Vue Shortmarket is poised to be an exciting addition to Cape Town’s inner-city restaurant scene, offering a sharing concept with an emphasis on communal dining.

The inspiration behind the name draws from the French noun Vue, meaning view, says Vue Shortmarket director Aidan Mautschke. “Shortmarket pays homage to the iconic street, creating a fusion of a scenic atmosphere with a touch of historical significance.”

vue shortmarket

Surrounded by some of the city’s finest restaurants and bars, Vue is located at 108 Shortmarket Street on the second floor, where its rooftop setting will undoubtedly be a drawcard for those looking for a fun atmosphere.

What can you expect on the food front?

Aidan says the menu is structured around small plates, big plates, sides, salads, and sweet treats, so guests can enjoy a wide variety of options.

“Highlights to look forward to are our trio of oysters, each with unique dressings, various tartare, whole fish, wagyu katsu sando, Peruvian ceviche, anchovy flatbread and Springbok loin.”

Reggie Gwezuva will lead the kitchen team, says Aidan. “His cooking philosophy centres around bending culinary rules, considering cooking as therapy, and viewing it as a universal language. Reggie crafts dishes with a continental approach, telling stories and creating memories through a fusion of diverse flavours. His culinary style is marked by an obsession with pungent tastes, and he champions a modern shared-dining concept.”

Vue Shortmarket will boast Art Deco-inspired décor. “As patrons enter, they will be greeted by an incredible mural painting, adding a unique element to the restaurant’s ambience,” says Aidan.

vue shortmarket

The restaurant will be open from 12pm to midnight for lunch, dinner, or evening drinks. According to the team, the grand opening is scheduled for the last week of December 2023 and bookings can be made online when they open.

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