Watch: How to make supercharged malva pudding

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We’re not denying that there’s great satisfaction to be derived from baking a spongy malva pudding from scratch when you’re in the mood for spending some quality time in the kitchen. There are, however, those occasions when you’re exhausted after a long, miserable day at the office and the only thing that’ll make it better is eating your feelings – and not having to stand in front of the stove to do so. And that’s why we’re pretty in love with ready-made malva pudding. Especially if it’s made exactly like your mama would. These puds are also really handy for low-fuss dinner parties – even better when jazzed up with an array of sweet treats like caramel popcorn, crushed peanut brittle, a smear of chocolate hazelnut spread or a spoonful of creamed honey. How’s that for maximum returns on minimum investment?

Like what you see? Stock up on Woolies’ ready-made malva pudding and some extra goodies to take things to the next level. Not a malva fan? Don’t worry, you’ve got options.

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