The source: diving into the depths of Woolworths’ pole-and-line-caught tuna


Tinned tuna must be one of the pantry’s hardest-working items, but despite its seemingly humble presence in our kitchens, there is a lot of care and consideration that goes into each tin of Woolworths pole-caught tuna. Care and consideration that extends not only to the finished product that the consumer receives, but that runs throughout the entire sourcing and production process.

woolworths pole caught tuna
What’s in a can? Well, when it comes to the Woolworths pole-and-line-caught tuna, it’s a given that only the best-quality tuna is sourced – in this case, it’s Skipjack tuna for the tins or Albacore for the recently launched range of jars, which is manufactured in Costa Rica. But, what sets Woolworths’ tuna apart is the role it plays in their unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethics. In keeping with Woolworths’ dedication to their ‘fishing for the future’ initiative, all of the Skipjack tuna used is pole and line caught, by fishermen in the Maldives. As the name implies, fishermen use traditional methods to catch fish, one of the most sustainable ways to do so. In contrast to trawling or using nets, this method reduces the risk of bycatch, where untargeted and possibly endangered species are at risk of being caught up unintentionally. Beyond the ethics for the fish, there is also a social initiative here, as the community where the tuna is caught is reliant on this as their main source of income. The fish is also traceable to the fishing boats, meaning there is full transparency throughout. Marisa Munroe, Woolworths Head of Product: Food Business Development, says, “We understand the important role that we play in ensuring thriving communities – it is a real example of adding quality to life in even the remotest communities where we source from and where we have an opportunity to make a positive, lasting impact.”


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It’s clear that when we’re talking about tinned tuna, there’s tuna and there’s Woolworths’ pole-caught tuna. The dedication to consistent quality is unmatched and holistic, and is ultimately what sets it apart. So whether you’re making a good old tuna mayo, or adding it to simple tomato pasta or salads, know that Woolworths’ pole-caught tuna is unlike the rest. “We can confidently say this because we understand the entire process and work closely with experts in their industry to ensure we deliver the best, consistently,” says Marisa.

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