The world will soon have its first avocado bar and it sounds like heaven on earth

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The world’s first avocado-themed eatery, Avocaderia, will soon be opening in the heart of New York city. According to its website, it will serve takeaways from breakfast to dinner time – presumably so you can collect your treasure and go find a quiet spot to have some alone time with your beloved. (And by ‘beloved’ we mean the avocado, of course.)

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The restaurant is also launching an app, through which fans of the fruit can place an order and pay, whenever the need for avocados arises (read: all the time). An avo app – what a time to be alive!

The menu has yet to be released, but signs point to classic menu items like avos on toast, guacamole, avo-topped egg dishes, salads, veggie-packed salsas and smoothies.  


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Avos are full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients; they’re rich in dietary fibre; and they may help maintain healthy eyesight as we age. While these are all excellent reasons to indulge, our main excuse is that avo is our soulmate and some love you just can’t deny.

We trust the bar will be relying on rotating seasonal stock from avo-producing countries like Mexico, New Zealand and Peru, as well as the state of California, to avoid that tragic time when the green globe is out of season.

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Only a few varieties are grown and sold here in SA, but there are, in fact, scores of them with noble names like Macarthur, Carmen and Pinkerton – and, in a twist of fate, there’s even a Bacon avo. (Sadly, it’s named after farmer James Bacon, and does not resemble our favourite porky rashers in any way.)

New York is not the only city that has pledged its undying love for this creamy fruit. Earlier this year London hosted a five-course avocado pop-up, with menu items like avocado margaritas, avocado gazpacho with watermelon and basil oil, avocado ice cream with almond praline, and avocado dark-chocolate mousse with avocado macarons. The ticket price of £55 (R1 050) seems cheap at the price.

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The opening date for Avocaderia is yet to be confirmed, but we’ll let you know – once we’ve booked our flights. In the meantime, feed your obsession by following @avocaderia on Instagram.

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