Is this the world’s most beautiful toast?

Introducing ombre toast, rainbow toast and watercolour toast: Instagram account @vibrantandpure has taken our go-to breakfast snack and turned it into works of edible art.

Miami-based food photographer and stylist Adeline Waugh has been taking over Instagram feeds with her magical pastel-coloured toasty creations. Made with vibrant ingredients and cream cheese tinted with natural pigments, Adeline creates breakfast fit for a unicorn.

There are ombre sunset-inspired slices

Creations that can only taste like spring

Slices that are made of unicorn dreams

Avo toast that would put yours to shame

Candy-striped health bread

A doily slice that will go perfectly with a cuppa tea

And finally, fuchsia creations that will have you humming a certain Aerosmith song

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